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A wall-monted gas boiler is a mini boiler house or a heating system, which in a small enclosure includes all necessary equipment (circulation pump, expansion tank, thermoregulating and protective fittings). This boiler should only be connected to the water main and the heating circuit of your house.

Wall-mounted gas heating boilers have a copper heat exchanger, which allows the heating medium (water or antifreeze) to be heated quite efficiently and quickly. They are also divided into 2 types, according to the method of removing combustion products.

1. With a closed combustion chamber: These are heating boilers with forced ventilation of the combustion chamber. The supply of air and the removal of combustion products is performed by means of an electric fan (turbine).

2. With an open combustion chamber: These are boilers with a natural removal of combustion products, with the help of a well-known chimney.

Such boilers are cheaper than with a closed chamber, but their installation is economically justified if the chimney is already available in your house. For example, you change an old floor-mounted chimney boiler, to a new wall-mounted, atmospheric boiler. In this case, the new boiler can be connected to the existing chimney.

Wall-mounted gas heating boilers are compact, easy to operate and install, but require annual maintenance by specialists.

Power of gas boiler.

This is probably the most important parameter by which you need to choose a boiler. It should be mentioned that specialists recommend taking a minimum value of 1 kW of boiler capacity per 10 m2 of heated space, with a ceiling height of up to 3 meters.

This value is taken as a basis, since it is applicable only for ideal conditions. We need to take into account all the heat losses, the use of hot water, the gas quality. And still, the manufacturer indicates the maximum capacity from the calculation of the gas pressure in the gas pipeline about 15 mBar, and in fact in winter the pressure sometimes drops to 2 mbar. So it turns out that we need to compensate for all these factors by increasing the boiler's power. And do not forget about a small reserve of power, to facilitate operation, with maximum loads.

From this it follows that for a comfortable heating of our house the boiler which is 1.5-2 times more powerful than under ideal conditions should be selected. It turns out that for a comfortable heating of the house, the area of which is 100m2 requires a boiler with a power of approximately 17-20kW. If you require more accurate calculations of the heating boiler's power, you should contact the specialists to develop a project for the heating system of your house. This quantity is affected by many variables, which can only be taken into account when designing.

It is worth saying a few words about the minimum capacity of the boiler. The smaller the minimum capacity of the boiler is, the more economical and comfortable it will be in the off-season (spring, autumn). When the boiler operates at its minimum.

Before buying, pay attention to:

Recommendations; given by friends, neighbors, people you trust. It is better to come to see by yourself, feel, touch the boiler already operating for a while.

Warranty and after-sales maintenance. Sometimes there is a problem with after-warranty maintenance, even after the seller's assurance in the opposite.

When choosing a boiler it is not worth saving on its efficiency (power), reliability of safety. Do not forget that it affects the economical, comfortable, and most importantly safe operation of your heating system!