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Choosing a Cooker Hood

In order to ensure that a kitchen hood carries out its air cleaning function efficiently, it is important to choose an engine power correctly. This can be done by using a simple formula made by engineers and hygienists.

-kitchen area (m2) should be multiplied by its Height (m) and by 10.

-and the result shows us the value of minimum required engine capacity (m3/hr).

Example: kitchen area – 8 m2 , height – 2.7 m.

In this case, minimum required engine capacity is 8 x 2.7 x 10 = 216 m3/hr

 If a kitchen is combined with a living room, (i.e. total area of a room is more substantial), estimated engine capacity should be increased by 20-30% according to the formula.

 You should take into account that the presence of any type of a fat-collecting filters reduces the cooker hood’s capacity by 10-15 %.

Before calculating the cooker hood capacity, remember that the cooker hood must process an air volume equal to 10-12 volumes of a kitchen per hour. Cooker hoods with capacity of 300-700 m3/hr are the most frequently offered for sale, and it can be quite sufficient for small and medium rooms, (i.e. rooms with area of 5-10 m2 with ceiling height of up to 3 m).

However, experts advise us to choose cooker hoods with some reserve capacity. Powerful model will function at lower speed in the same exploitation conditions, and, respectively, it will wear out slower.

In addition, when You are buying the air cleaner, please pay Your attention to the number of speeds – the more they are, the more correctly the capacity value can be set. It means that cooker hood will be required to operate at minimum rotations, if one burner on the cooking table is turned on; if several – the kitchen hood should work at maximum speed.